2013 Taipei Expo Park Design Month

In celebration of the opening of a brand new space at Taipei Expo Park, first edition of “Taipei Expo Park Design Month” launched in October 2013. Focusing on “sustainable living, greener lifestyle, greater vision and design thinking”, over 45 designers and professionals were invited to participate in the fair to share their knowledge, experiences and lifestyles, with 13 talks and 16 workshops were held in over 17 days.


Speakers including the production team from《Design & Thinking》, the documentary depicts the maker movement; Lee Chia-Hsuan, founder of an aquaponics farm in Taipei and many more professionals from the field of design and other lifestyle trendsetter. International speakers including Gijs Bakker, founder of Droog, a leading Dutch design house; Birgit Lohmann, CEO of designboom, the Milan-based online design media; Itay Ohaly, a cross-field industrial designer from Israel who constantly searching for possibilities and new languages for design; Michael Leung, founder of HK Farm, HK Honey and HK Salt who works to communicate the value of urban farming and benefits of locally produced food in Hong Kong.


In addition, the exhibition and the awards ceremony of “Taipei International Design Award 2013” were also taking place as part of their opening events, making Taipei Expo Park an even more dynamic space.