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Latest Projects

  • 以「當代|平衡」為題,用一種優雅的方式進行闡述,利用12件作品梳理台灣設計產業發展50多年以來所形塑出的獨特設計風格。看東西方元素如何交融對話?傳統文化如何透過...

  • Taiwan Designers’ Week 19’ LITE is inviting you to spot designers’ backstage and the mechanisms behind the industry with us. In the upcoming programme, we will provide you with the most updated design trends and freshest ideas, that promises not to disappoint.

  • 此次「半熟新工藝」特展,建構出一個台灣工藝與人們日常生活共生共創的「新工藝生態圈」,結合國產材產業、金屬產業、自行車產業、循環經濟議題等,從台灣在地出發,開啟新...

  • 國際設計週論壇文件展,本次共計規劃了四個型態不同設計週的影像圖片與資訊,讓大家對於這些形態各異的設計週有些基本的認知與理解。著重在當地工藝發展的清邁設計週、以社...

  • Led by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yilan County and in cooperation with the Taiwan Designers’ Web, this exhibition is a result of design workshops which reveals the way of creation process, by guiding students through aesthetic principles. Guided by carefully selected series of images, our program explains how can you easily create beauty with fun.

  • Strolling through the old street in Luodong, mixing with the sound of street vendors and the smells of the foods, the atmosphere seems to return to the past all of a sudden. What you can find is actually not only the city people’s imagination of a wonderful life, but also telling stories with its tempo. In this project, we invited 3 designers and 2 illustrators, start from Luodong Cultural Factory, to present 5 stories of local old stores through their eyes.