Led by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yilan County and in cooperation with the Taiwan Designers’ Web, this exhibition is a result of design workshops which reveals the way of creation process, by guiding students through aesthetic principles. Guided by carefully selected series of images, our program explains how can you easily create beauty with fun.

Strolling through the old street in Luodong, mixing with the sound of street vendors and the smells of the foods, the atmosphere seems to return to the past all of a sudden. What you can find is actually not only the city people’s imagination of a wonderful life, but also telling stories with its tempo.

Led by NTCRI (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute), the ongoing A New Layer project aims to build new partnerships and platform between Taiwanese and international designers and craftspeople. In 2017, the project moved into its second phase, with research and development wrapping up on "A New Layer II: Crafting Identities / Design Stories from Taiwan".

Project “Designers in Residence” was launched by the Taipei City Government to promote international and local design exchange. The project aims to activate the dialogue between designers and local people, connecting local culture to the world, through the research process, talks, workshops and works that encourage civic participation.

In celebration of the opening of a brand new space at Taipei Expo Park, first edition of “Taipei Expo Park Design Month” launched in October 2013. Focusing on “sustainable living, greener lifestyle, greater vision and design thinking”, over 45 designers and professionals were invited to participate in the fair to share their knowledge, experiences and lifestyles, with 13 talks and 16 workshops were held in over 17 days.