“Shalom” means hello in Hebrew, we welcome you to Israel (our booth). In order to let everyone have more ideas about Israel tourism, we reproduce the traditional Mahane Yehuda market, and Introducing Israeli culture and cuisine through different images.

Led by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yilan County and in cooperation with the Taiwan Designers’ Web, this exhibition is a result of design workshops which reveals the way of creation process, by guiding students through aesthetic principles. Guided by carefully selected series of images, our program explains how can you easily create beauty with fun.

Israel’s pavilion is designed to take the visitor on a journey from the land’s ancient past, marked by the Hebrew Bible through major milestones in the history of the Jewish people, until the modern era and looking toward the future.

Led by NTCRI (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute), the ongoing A New Layer project aims to build new partnerships and platform between Taiwanese and international designers and craftspeople. In 2017, the project moved into its second phase, with research and development wrapping up on "A New Layer II: Crafting Identities / Design Stories from Taiwan".

“Cut” is the creative action to deconstruct; “paper” is the medium to deconstruct. ”Paper Cutting & Design” is a group of designers with a shared mission to promote creativity through design. With a variety of themes, they interpret the heritage of paper cutting craft and care toward the motherland.

Strolling through the old street in Luodong, mixing with the sound of street vendors and the smells of the foods, the atmosphere seems to return to the past all of a sudden. What you can find is actually not only the city people’s imagination of a wonderful life, but also telling stories with its tempo.

設計師勇於突破,跨越種種限制、往前邁進。 BENTORNATI源自義大利文,即Welcome Back之意。以歡迎設計師光榮歸國為主題,我們邀請近年曾至米蘭參展的設計師,再次展出他們帶到米蘭的家具家飾、與居家生活相關的設計作品,讓在國外展出的精彩內容回到台灣,在此重新呈現。 ...

The exhibition “ON MY WAY” is organized by Taiwan Designers’ Web, which carefully included four themed travel routes for people who want to explore the city. Essential travel items designed by Taiwanese designers are selected to accompany each route, which will guarantee a pleasant trip that one will fall in love with the city Taipei.