How do design exhibitions drive local design ecology and enrich cultural fabrics? How do design exhibitions link large, medium, and small design energies in the city, showcasing the creativity and diverse looks of design industry?


International Design Week Forum, where international curators from 15 cities across four continents gather for the first time in Taiwan, will show you the different looks of the design industry through the eyes of globally influential curators from all around the world. International dialogues will be carried out at the forum, where curators analyze today’s international design trends, and explore the relationship between design and cultural context. “International Design Week Forum” is one of the signature events of WDC Taipei 2016, and will be the world’s largest International Design Week Forum to date. Organized and planned by the most influential domestic design show “Taiwan Designers’ Week” and “Taiwan Design Center,” the forum invites the world’s top 15 exhibitions and shows to come together in Taipei. In addition to having curators share on their experience, “International Design Week Forum” will also focus on topics of “opportunities and challenges of design shows,” “promotion of design talents,” and “city marketing,” enabling audience to gain in-depth knowledge on the ecology of the design industry。
Organizer: Department of Culture Affairs
Executive Organizer: Taiwan Design Center, Taiwan Designers’ Web