Feel Connected
Get out of your comfort zone, break down the boundaries and find more possibilities. Design is more than just objects beyond time-space and cultures. We need unlimited possibilities and extraordinary ideas, new ways of thinking and more experiments. The characteristics of crossover design – affect wider, think further, feel deeper and get closer – turn on the limitless infectiousness. From now on, design becomes a tight bound between people and environment; we expect that design can step out of the exhibition and be mind immersing. Design is no more restrained in any object; we are not only what we see.




In Taiwan Designers’ Week 14’ we curated 10 events: the exhibition “TWDW Presents: Bentornati-Welcome Back” showed 25 Taiwanese design works and organized by Taiwan Designers’ Web, 57 “3×3 Design Show” with 16 “3×3 Concept Show” exhibitions, 26 works designed by young designers were showed at “Rising Star”, “Let’s Talk Design” includes 9 forums cooperated with Fubon Art Foundation, a “Design Match” event, 10 design related events in the city joined “Design Links”, 18 design studios participated in “Open House” project, the “Design Knowledge” bookstore and “Buy Design” project cooperated with Books. There are over 260 designers participated in TWDW 14’, including international exhibitors from Canada and Israel.


This is the eighth year of TWDW. We saw the sign ”∞” through the number “8” and fond more possibilities of design. By inviting designers to challenge the limitation, break the boundary and creat more meaningful connection, we hope Taiwanese design could be closer to the crowd, the society and the world and make an unlimited future by unlimited design!
2014/10/3 – 2014/10/12
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.