2009 TWDW - Share & Enjoy

Share & Enjoy




Eight programs were included at Taiwan Designers’ Week’09: There are 36 curated exhibitions at “Theme Zone”; “Design Market” for design lovers to shop at the pop-up weekend market; “Taiwan Good Design Selection” presented 20 pieces of work; “Let’s Talk Design” expanded to 12 talks which invited people to learn more about design, “Open House” with 7 studios opened their door to share their concepts and ideas; “Buy Design” the online campaign in collaboration with Seven-Eleven; “Go Design” introducing design hotspots and fun events all over the city between August and September. The whole fair attracted 250 designers with 300 pieces of original works participated, including exhibitors from Sweden, Germany, China, Japan and Holland. The fair was supported by 160 volunteers over the 10 days and has reached almost 50,000 visitors.


Design should not be exclusive, sharing and enjoyment is the essence of design. Taiwan Designer’ Week not only values the importance of design process, but also attaches importance to the response and output of the users. Our lives are surrounded with design, through the exhibition platform and related activities we hope to share the concepts, so that everyone can enjoy the design!
29th August- 6th September, 2009
Huashan 1914 Creative Park