Led by NTCRI (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute), the ongoing A New Layer project aims to build new partnerships and platform between Taiwanese and international designers and craftspeople. In 2017, the project moved into its second phase, with research and development wrapping up on "A New Layer II: Crafting Identities / Design Stories from Taiwan".

“Cut” is the creative action to deconstruct; “paper” is the medium to deconstruct. ”Paper Cutting & Design” is a group of designers with a shared mission to promote creativity through design. With a variety of themes, they interpret the heritage of paper cutting craft and care toward the motherland.

Strolling through the old street in Luodong, mixing with the sound of street vendors and the smells of the foods, the atmosphere seems to return to the past all of a sudden. What you can find is actually not only the city people’s imagination of a wonderful life, but also telling stories with its tempo.

With abundant natural forestry, Yilan County hopes to combine its cultural elements to create a dreamland for children. By organizing Yilan Chair Design Competition and exhibition, which has become one of the most well-known events of the region, the government is looking forward to promoting the county’s culture and creative industry together with “International Children's Folklore & Folkgame Festival, Yilan” to attract creative talents and make good use of the resources of Yilan.