How do design exhibitions drive local design ecology and enrich cultural fabrics? How do design exhibitions link large, medium, and small design energies in the city, showcasing the creativity and diverse looks of design industry?

For the first time Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) came to Taipei in November 2015, the curator Jord den Hollander has selected three documentaries featuring Dutch architecture:《The Greatest of Dutch Architects》,《The School as a City》and《Reaching for the Sky》to open up a conversation between Taiwan and the Netherlands in the field of architecture.

First collaboration between Taiwan Designers’ Web and Moca Taipei – “Mini Factory”, was taken place in front of the plaza of Taipei Moca on 16th and 17th, May, 2015. With this pop-up market, we invited the participated designers to recreate the scenarios at their studios, while workshops were also organized to welcome people to enjoy all kinds of hands-on activities.

In celebration of the opening of a brand new space at Taipei Expo Park, first edition of “Taipei Expo Park Design Month” launched in October 2013. Focusing on “sustainable living, greener lifestyle, greater vision and design thinking”, over 45 designers and professionals were invited to participate in the fair to share their knowledge, experiences and lifestyles, with 13 talks and 16 workshops were held in over 17 days.