Chiayi Creative Hub

"Chiayi Creative Hub" is an industry guidance platform established by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Chiayi City Government in 2021, providing counseling and resource matching services for cultural and creative entrepreneurs in Chiayi City.
The theme of this exhibition is "What does 'Chiayi Creative Hub' create?" It invites local businesses to showcase the various cultural assets, creative products, and unique souvenirs of Chiayi City, sharing delightful stories about entrepreneurship and life in the city.
The space design draws inspiration from Chiayi City's identity as the "Wooden City," extending the theme with wooden fences as the basic structural elements, highlighting Chiayi City's significance as the vital urban context for the Wooden City. The main visual element adopts an eye-catching neon style, presenting a design that radiates the lively urban energy of Chiayi City from ancient times to the present.
Venue|華山文創園區 西1館
Photo Credit|Jason Yeh
Special Thanks|Chaiyi City Stone Carving Association、Hsinjia Furniture Co.Ltd
Photo Credit|Jason Yeh