Crafting Chiayi - Explore the Possibility of Traditional Crafts in Chiayi City

With a history spanning over 300 years since its establishment, Chiayi City has undergone various transformations and urban developments, establishing itself as an important cultural hub. Through the trials of history, the city has nurtured its artisanal identity.
In addition to preserving and documenting traditional craftsmanship, experimental exploration has been a crucial driving force behind contemporary craft development. This exhibition aims to approach contemporary crafts from a fresh perspective, integrating Chiayi City's most representative traditional crafts. By combining the expertise of designers, the skills of craftsmen, and the inheritance of experiences, the exhibition presents a viewpoint and commentary on contemporary crafts in Chiayi City.
In response to the advancement of technology and the wave of digitization, this exhibition in Chiayi City marks the first attempt to incorporate digital technology into traditional craftsmanship. 3D printing technology allows for more precise and efficient production of craftworks while also offering new creative possibilities. Digital design software and virtual reality technology enable designers to explore and present the concepts and forms of craftworks in innovative ways. The integration of digital technology not only brings new fields and challenges to the innovation of Chiayi City's craftsmanship but also provides more opportunities to connect with the international craft community.
In summary, the "Crafting Chiayi" exhibition centers around interdisciplinary collaboration, experimental exploration, and digital applications, infusing traditional craftsmanship with new vitality and innovation. Simultaneously, these efforts provide diverse platforms for collaboration and an international perspective on the development of craft culture in Chiayi City.
Venue|嘉義文創產業園區 O棟
Curator|Ben Chiu
Art Director|Tong Ho
Craftsmen|(Strokes of a Chinese Character )
Jie-Ni,Wang、Ji-Jen,Wu、Jyun-Yu,Lee、Ping Hsien, Lin、Ying-Tsai,Lin、Kai-Ting,Hsu、Chao Min, Chen、Chin Tung,Tsai、Tung Che,Hsieh
Designers|(Strokes of a Chinese Character )
Tong Ho、Ya Ching,Lee、Yu Mei, Chang、Chen Hao,Hsu、Yen Hao,Chen、Jochieh Huang、Chia Chia, Yang、Hsun Ning,Chia
Special Thanks|Chaiyi City Stone Carving Association、Hsinjia Furniture Co.Ltd
Photo Credit|Cooper Chang