JINHO: We Bring You Good Quality Products From Yilan


Yilan, the only county that speaks in Zhangzhou dialect in Taiwan. JINHO, in local Yilan, represents not only 'good' but also an essential feature for identifying Yilan people.


Just 47 kilometres away from Taipei City, Yilan County is amid the Central mountain range and the Xueshan mountain range, the county overlooks the broad Pacific Ocean that gives Yilan it’s unique atmosphere. The Lanyang River flows into the incredibly situated geographical Yilan plain which produces fertile land and results in the delivery of fresh products, bringing about an unique lifestyle of its own. The locals rely on the mountains and the sea for their daily life in symbiosis. These locals naturally make slow living as a rule by slowing down the pace of daily activities on a timely manner and go with the flow of their surroundings due to the rainy climate.

Surfing, relaxing by the sea and going up the mountain to breathe Fendo, Yilan has a lifestyle that urban residence yearn for. Under the interweaving of location and natural environment, it has also spawned many commodities that is unique to the lifestyle of Yilan. This is a new brand that starts with the local industries. It tells the story and spirit of Yilan's life and understands how people cherish and use natural resources to make life simple but very favorable and sustainable.


展覽期間:2018/11/15 – 2018/11/18 
展覽地點:松山文創園區 三號倉庫