Israel - a never-ending story

Israel’s pavilion is designed to take the visitor on a journey from the land’s ancient past, marked by the Hebrew Bible through major milestones in the history of the Jewish people, until the modern era and looking toward the future.


The pavilion is designed to resemble a huge book crafted with the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet - ”א ”(Aleph) and ” ב” (Bet). Their appearance represents layers of Hebrew literature from its ancient past to the present day.


The printed text on the installation is taken from a book written by Israel’s first Nobel Prize Laureate, S.Y. Agnon, winner of the 1966 Nobel Prize in Literature. Four writers are highlighted in the pavilion – Gil Hovav, Yannets Levi, Hanoch Piven and Noa Yedlin. Each author represents a genre with a unique style in his or her creative field.


The pavilion allows the visitor to not only experience the rich and diverse world of literature, but also to enjoy the true spirit of Israel - a vibrant and creative society, as well as an innovation hub. Visitors can participate in a variety of lectures and activities, including live music, cooking demonstrations, Hebrew calligraphy workshops, Hebrew reading sessions, an innovation exhibit, and much more.
展覽期間:2018/02/06 – 2018/02/11