Hello Neighbors!

For people who live there, everything is ordinary. But if you dig deeper, you will find them fascinating.


Strolling through the old street in Luodong, mixing with the sound of street vendors and the smells of the foods, the atmosphere seems to return to the past all of a sudden. What you can find is actually not only the city people’s imagination of a wonderful life, but also telling stories with its tempo.


Executive Organizer | Luodong Cultural Factory, Department of Culture Affairs, Yilan County
Designers | Echo Yang、Niz Kong、Shila Li、Hank Hou、Alice ChenNiz Kong、李希拉、侯其儒、陳姵羽
Stores | Tian Zhu bicycle shop, Li, A-You pastry shop, Ming Guang Tang incense store, Golden Award suit shop, Pan, Xiu-Shan fortune telling consultant
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展覽期間:2017/08/20 – 2017/11/26