Journey of _______


Paying tribute to good design, the theme of Taiwan Designers’ Week 15’ is “Exploration” as every piece of good design worth exploring and has trial-and-error story behind the stage. “Journey of ______” symbolizes how designers make observations, discover needs, search for solutions, and their never-give-up attitude to achieve the end result. We leave the definition blank to invite you to name the journey of design from your own perspective.


Entering the ninth edition of Taiwan Designers’ Week, we hope to create a sharable, enjoyable and experience-oriented space that is able to convey different aspects of design through a variety of themed exhibition and programs. In response to the theme “Exploration”, we hope to reflect how designers investigate the behavior and needs of the users, the characteristic of materials, method of manufacturing, positions and opportunity of the target audience and market, as well as the possibilities to maximize the benefits that a creation can bring…..these ongoing explorations are around us and connecting our lives.


Taiwan Designers’ Week encourages people to see design with a heart that “explores”. We believe that the journey is just a beginning, let us keep exploring after you walk out TWDW’15, EXPLORATION!
Taiwan Designers’ Week ‘15 2 Oct – 11 Oct
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.