Sit Down

Chair is one of the most used furniture in our everyday life. It is also an object that carries stories. Exhibition “Sit Down” hopes to convey the feeling of warm, comfort and emotions to echo the hospitality and passion of Taiwanese people- just as the impression of Taiwan. The exhibition also underlines the craftsmanship that utilized on the chairs. These details are both functional and representing local lifestyle.


Under the influence of globalization, many traditional industries declined. However, some have turned to a new page while crossover collaborations between the craftsman and designers are interfered. The exhibition “Sit Down” presented 5 iconic chairs which embodied this idea:《Plastic Classic》、《Injection Chair》、《Bambool》、《Bubble Chair》and《50/50 bamboo+bamboo》. These elegant and modern objects reflected local materials and crafts, while the forms were reinterpreted with contemporary concept.